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Our first ever Nocturnal Cities Conference will be held in Bogotá, Colombia on November 22nd, 2018.

 Celebración Inty Raymi Indigenas Quechua 2017

Celebración Inty Raymi Indigenas Quechua 2017

 Navidad Tunal - Sandra Aponte

Navidad Tunal - Sandra Aponte

Key Information:

Our first ever Latin American Nocturnal Cities Conference will explore the relationship between city planning, strategy, development and the night time economy with the top minds from municipalities, regions, academics, consultancies and the music and creative industries in attendance to discuss, debate and introduce new thinking, action and structure to develop more vibrant, night time economies.

The event is a co-production between Sound Diplomacy and the City of Bogotá, which was designated City of Music in 2012 as part of UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network, and is co-curated by Andreina Seijas, Researcher at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

The key event objectives are:

● Creating an international forum to discuss common challenges to managing the urban night, and a hub for night-time advocacy in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

● Launching the Spanish version of “A Guide to Managing your Night-Time Economy” and exchanging best practices and innovations in night-time planning and design.

● Analyzing the impact and relevance of the growing movement of “night mayors.”

● Developing a “manifesto” and a set of targets towards better night-time standards in the region.



Thursday 22nd November 2018


Centro Creativo Textura
Carrera 54 No. 5C - 33
Barrio Puente Aranda
Bogotá - Colombia

Tickets include:

One day convention
Light lunch & refreshments
Reception and evening concert

Who should attend?

200+ event participants will include international experts and advocates of innovations in night-time planning and design, as well as students and professionals of careers such as administration, public policy, urban planning, law, creative industries.

Bogota’s Weather and Dress Code:

Bogota is located at 2,600 meters above sea level and has a moderately cold weather with temperatures between 8° y 20° Celsius. We recommend wearing casual attire and always carrying a sweater or jacket.

For touristic information on Bogota, please visit

Other Information:

Spread the word about Nocturnal Cities Conference using the hashtag #nocturnalcities, #NocturnalCitiesBogota and our Twitter handle @MusicCitiesSD

 Hip Hop al Parque - Juan Santacruz

Hip Hop al Parque - Juan Santacruz

 Campamento Ast Idartes - Juan Santacruz

Campamento Ast Idartes - Juan Santacruz